avi-io D 03.24

AVI_IO is a work around to the current AVI file limitation problem....

AVI_IO is a work around to the current AVI file limitation problem. Note, itdoesn`t INCREASE the size of the AVI file limitation BUT DOES eliminate the problem.

Here`s what it gives you:- capture and playback up to 400GB of avi video and audio data in one step- capture and playback the video using multiple SEAMLESS; AVI files- spread the avi files over up to 24 hard drives or partitions (Drive C - Z)- capture at full resolution and full frame rate the capture hardware allows- capture useing software compression therby saveing disc space- playback at full resolution and full frame rate your hardware allows- playback at lower or bigger resolutions up to full screen- enforcement of requested/present frame rate- enforcement of audio/video synchronization- stop capture after a definable time or by command- start capture at a give time, turning avi_io into a simple digital VCR- pause feature to skip commercials; while capturing broadcasts and as a quick substitute for batch capturing- works together with all Video for Windows compatible capture hardware- slightly improved capture and playback performance over standard software;- If AVI_IO runs out of disc space, all video captured up to that moment will be usable- individual avi filesize configurable -> handy for CD archiving- free major upgrades for registered users- free e-mail support- no need for special ;raid; system or fancy controllers- works with Windows 95 or better, Windows NT 3.

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